Assisi Aid Projects’ Board member, Elizabeth Morris visited the Women and Youth Leadership and Engagement Initiative Cambodia project in Kampong Chhnang Province and met with Assisi Aid Project’s implementing partner Live and Learn Cambodia. The initiative supports women and youth to play an active leadership role in attaining livelihood resilience and having their rights met in public life. This approach is gradually being embedded into the community through project activities.

A key project achievement was the number of community participants in the savings groups. The savings group members emphasised the positive impact the activity has had upon their livelihoods, particularly through financial skills training. They hope to further their newfound skills and work with project staff to establish a ‘Community Bank’.

Prior to COVID-19, Elizabeth met with and received a presentation from members of the Gender Task Force. Elizabeth was impressed with the speakers’ confidence and engagement. Gender Task Force members explained that one of the project’s strengths was the training they had received. The training has given them the confidence to learn about their rights so that they can voice their concerns in their community. Ms Sonly, the Secretary of the Gender Task Force, has extended her training and has been appointed as a member of the Women Network within the Women Peace Maker organisation.

The Gender Task Force is strongly supported by the Chak Commune Council leaders, which emphasised the positive impact of the group and their activities within the community. It was noted how the Gender Task Force had successfully raised awareness of issues such as Gender Based Violence within the province. Assisi Aid Projects will continue to work with Live and Learn Cambodia, to provide additional training in these areas and other areas of concern, as identified by group members. By creating greater community awareness, Gender Task Force members have shared their knowledge with others in the community and improved the lives of women and youth.

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