Assisi Aid Projects and Live and Learn Cambodia and mutually ended their partnership in October 2020.

Community members, especially women and young people, in Chak commune are impacted by gender norms that inhibit them from participating in the development of their communities. Women and youth in the Chak Commune are disadvantaged through a lack of opportunity to create social change by contributing to decision-making. Through the assistance of Assisi Aid Projects’ in-country partner, Live and Learn Cambodia, we support these women and youth to take leadership roles and participate in commune council meetings in their community.

 A gender analysis in 2018 found a lack of opportunity for women to promote their interests. Women had low levels of confidence in commune council meetings and in integrating issues in the commune plan. The project advocates for more communication between community members, particularly women, and the commune council. The projects empower community members, especially women, to understand what the council can and cannot do and how community plans and priorities can be brought to the council to be integrated into the Commune Investment Plan.

This project increases the active participation of women and young people in taking active leadership roles. Women are supported in building their leadership skills and enhancing their confidence to advocate for change and to voice their concerns and interests in the community.

By increasing the participation of community members, particularly women, the project aims to empower communities and improve their self-assertiveness and decision-making process in five villages in Kampong Chhnang Province, Cambodia.

A Gender Task Force was formed with 26 members from five villages where members received training in advocacy and gender issues. They used new skills and knowledge to become an example of change for their community. Members have promoted gender equality by encouraging community leaders to add gender issues to the community development agenda, and have run workshops to train, share, and address gender inequality. The group has had special recognition from local authorities, working to drive change regarding gender and inclusiveness in the community. The Gender Task Force facilitates the mobilisation of communities, consultations, data collection processes and development of activities.

Many women in the Gender Task Force have reported that they now have greater self confidence in themselves and their abilities to participant and take on leadership roles.  The Gender Task Force is supported by local authorities, and works to drive change for gender equality. Our efforts extend to other villagers:  147 have accessed training on gender issues, advocacy, and services. 

This project was supported by the Australian Government through the Australian NGO Cooperation Program, and the Berfred Foundation.