Integrated Development Trust aims to improve social, environmental, health and economic opportunities for socially and economically disadvantaged communities in Tamil Nadu, through locally led, culturally sensitive and sustainable solutions.  Over time their projects have evolved from simple self-help groups focussed on empowering women to support themselves and their families, to the development of a state level Federation advocating for women's and widow's rights.  Integrated Development Trust also deliver a significant education project, aiming to improve educational and life outcomes and gender equality by working with young people.

Assisi Aid Projects have a long history of partnering with Integrated Development Trust, which is a non-profit organisation registered under the Indian Trust Act. Assisi Aid Projects and Integrated Development Trust have worked since 2001 to implement self-sustaining initiatives and improve the lives of thousands of people. Together, they are committed to improving women’s and children’s opportunities through skills training and partnering with communities giving women the confidence in their financial literacy and able to play an active role in their communities.

Our current projects with Integrated Development Trust include:

When Every Woman Thrives - India 

When Every Child Thrives - India