Due to the support of generous donors, Assisi Aid Projects has been able to provide a second relief distribution to alleviate the vulnerabilities of the tribal hamlet and rural village communities in which we work, in Tamil Nadu, India.

In 2021, at the height of India's second wave, over 400,000 daily cases of COVID-19 were reported. The communities we support are acutely impacted by the resulting extended lockdowns, movement restrictions, and impact on the informal economy. 

Sathiyaseelan, the Regional Program Manager of Integrated Development Trust, our partner organisation, conducted a needs assessment to determine how the distribution could best support the communities. The assessment revealed that:

“40% of households were unable to buy enough groceries at local stores, due to low incomes, shops closures or the inability of owners to buy goods…”.

In July 2021, we responded rapidly to requests for increased assistance. As a result, 2684 women and their families were provided with much-needed support as they faced ongoing challenges from food insecurity and income loss, and over 26,000kg rice and 5000 masks were distributed among the women and their families, across five districts in Tamil Nadu.   


Each recipient receives 10kg rice and 2 cotton reusable masks from the distribution

Image credit: Integrated Development Trust 2021

Staff of Integrated Development Trust have worked tirelessly with project communities to ensure that the relief distribution was targeted to address families’ specific needs. Over the past 18 months, the staff and community leaders have continuously emphasised the importance of 'COVID-19 hygiene' preventative measures in all project activities. Oxygen level measuring, temperature checks, and hand-washing and sanitising procedures have been adhered to throughout the period, enabling recipients to receive relief distribution safely.

The women and families with whom we work have expressed their heartfelt thanks for the generosity from Assisi Aid Projects' supporters. Your contribution helps to ensure that they do not go hungry and that they have access to masks that enable them to protect themselves and their communities in the fight against COVID-19. 

Left: A woman holds her relief package at the distribution site; Right: a woman receives her distribution package at home   
Image credit: Integrated Development Trust 2021

Thank you once again for your generous support, kindness, and encouragement. It is only with your generosity that we are able to support women and their families to improve their livelihoods.

If you are able, please click here to help us continue this work. Thank you!

Kind regards,

Dr Jacqueline Parisi 
CEO, Assisi Aid Projects