August 2020

Assisi Aid Projects works together with Integrated Development Trust to support rural and tribal children and their families in Tamil Nadu, India. In response to increased needs as a result of COVID-19, our projects have adapted in order to continue to support the participants. Together with our partner, we have distributed 17,000kg of rice and a supply of masks, soap and lentils. 

Mrs. Iyer* is a participant in our projects and has noted that as a parent she is relieved to have the support from the distribution to help her care for her family. The rice and lentils have been “valuable” in creating nutritious meals, and the supply of soap and masks has added a layer of protection, enabling them to feel safer in the community. This assistance has been particularly useful for the tribal families whose access to resources is already restricted.

“We are happy that our family got 10kg of rice which will be enough to feed our family members. You have helped us at this stressful time”.

Women in the community following physical-distancing guidelines while receiving relief distribution to help stop the spread of COVID-19. Image supplied by Integrated Development Trust, June 2020. 

Mrs. Iyer thanks Assisi Aid Projects and Integrated Development Trust for their support, “providing such assistance at a time when there is no work and income”. In addition, she commented that the “constant help over the phone” she received has enabled her to continue her child’s education through adapted home-based learning activities. The teachers and facilitators of our projects are in regular contact with participants via phone calls, highlighting the need for wearing masks, physical distancing and frequently washing of hands.

*name changed to protect Mrs. Iyer’s identity