November 2020

The 30 Parents’ Groups are an essential component of the supplementary education project. Regular Parents’ Group meetings encourage parents to value and participate in their child’s education, development, wellbeing, and gender equality.


“I am glad to see that both my children are doing well in their studies and are growing up with good behaviour due to the study centre training. Although there is no school, they engage in some activities at home. They also talk to me about child rights, gender and life skills, which is also new learning for me. I am also a member of the Parent Committee. Integrated Development Trust [implementing partner] training and phone call discussion all help us in caring for our children. Rice support was a great help when we did not have enough food to give to family members, especially children.” (Mrs. Radha, Parent’s Group member from Ganapathipuram)


Parents attend sessions on child rights, the importance of education, particularly for girls, COVID prevention and hand washing, menstrual health education, government welfare programs, tribal rights, forest rights legislation, and caste certification. Group members share information learned and encourage discussion with the wider community. Many of these groups are now held by phone due to COVID restrictions.