August 2020

COVID-19 has created significant challenges and compounded the social and economic hardship of the rural and tribal women of Tamil Nadu, India. Assisi Aid Projects worked together with Integrated Development Trust to support 2463 women and their families by distributing 17,000kg of rice and a supply of masks, soap and lentils.  

Mrs. Chettiar*, a participant of our projects from the Papanallur village, is one of many vulnerable women in Tamil Nadu who have been able to go to work more safely having received masks, soap, and health information. Due to economic hardship and a lack of resources, Mrs. Chettiar has had to continue to go to work to support her family.  Prior to receiving the distribution, she would go to work for extended periods with only a saree covering her mouth and nose, risking increased exposure. After receiving a mask, Mrs. Chettiar can continue to work, assured with the extra level of protection afforded by relief resources.

"They feel safer wearing masks when they are on 100-days works in the community"

Mrs. Chettiar commented that “we don't have enough money to buy a mask, so we use our saree to cover our mouth and nose when we go out. During that time, we felt uncomfortable and insecure. Now we feel safe and comfortable to go out with this mask”. 

The relief distribution has been supported by government officials and local leaders, who noted the services that Assisi Aid Projects and Integrated Development Trust have provided to support the women during this time. Relief distribution has been able to further support the women and families in these vulnerable communities through the circulation of COVID-19 information leaflets. Group participants have been encouraged to learn safety measures such as physical distancing, wearing a mask, and the importance of handwashing.   

Women and their families feel safer in the community following the distribution of masks. Image supplied by Integrated Development Trust, June 2020. 


*name changed to protect Mrs. Chettiar’s identity.