February 2020

Interning with Assisi Aid Projects was the best decision I made last year. Not only are their vision and their programs inspiring but working alongside Chloe and Caroline has been an invaluable opportunity to gain professional insight to the turbulent world which is international Development. Being a part of such an intimate and dedicated team has meant that I have had hands on experience across a myriad of departments and projects. In six months at Assisi Aid Projects I have been involved in media and comms with our donor communications and social media, fundraising, annual reporting to DFAT, project evaluations and other governance activities such as policy updates and organisational focus groups.

All the things I learnt and skills I developed at Assisi Aid Projects simply wouldn’t have been possible at University or in a larger organisation. Assisi Aid Projects CEO, Chloe Reynolds, takes the time to collaborate with and nurture the development of her interns and project team. The highlights of working at Assisi Aid Projects are always when reading through project reports and finding the beneficiaries achievements that make all the hours and effort worth it. It is when you read that parents are beginning to provide tuition fees for their daughter’s education, when women are winning local elections with the support of their village committee made up of both men and women or when widowed women start to wear bindi again in public.

If you are considering Assisi Aid Projects as a place to volunteer or work I say do not hesitate, call us and join the team, you will not regret it.

Maddison Jones