June 2019

This program, implemented by Integrated Development Trust aims to address the high levels of illiteracy within tribal villages in the Kanchipuram district, which perpetuates a cycle of extreme poverty and discrimination. Economic necessity often leads to early school drop outs and interruptions in children’s education. Our work with Integrated Development Trust enables us to support 766 first generation learners, across 30 villages, to regularly attend evening tuition lessons five days a week.


Improved academic and life skills education 

Our comprehensive outlook on education utilises an ‘activity based learning approach’ to improve outcomes in academic and life skills knowledge. Children are continuing to display improvements in their understanding of maths and language, as well as also being educated on pressing community issues such as hygiene practice, gender equality and children’s rights. These children are further equipped through life skills lessons, in areas such as interpersonal relationships, stress management, and communication. Assisi Aid Projects' work aims to ensure not only the academic wellbeing of children, but also works towards enabling young people to nurture their psychological and social health.


Child social development and community involvement

Integrated Development Trust’s children’s clubs for various sporting and cultural activities, like child parliaments, are offered to further promote critical thinking, debating and leadership skills. The program also improves children’s self-expression and confidence. Program activities serve as an important opportunity to unite boys and girls, to build mutual understanding and respect, expanding children’s opportunities for personal development.


Parental involvement 

The Parent groups operate to encourage active parental participation in their child’s development, reinforcing the importance of school attendance. 1132 people have participated in group meetings and training to develop an awareness of the importance of education, with 356 members involved in the parent groups. Program staff assist in facilitating parental involvement in monthly meetings, discussing topics such as child protection, nutrition, hygiene, health, and gender issues, forging an enabling environment for families to prosper. Income generation support from Integrated Development Trust, in the form of skills development and provision of loans to vulnerable families, aids in the ability of families to cover tuition fees, setting the foundations for children’s education and development and ensuring the project’s longevity. 


My fear is gone... I feel free to talk and express myself.” - Navin, program participant


Case study  

Ganapathi once remained socially withdrawn, displaying a lack of interest in his school studies and other peer interactions. After participating in evening tutoring classes, Ganapathi developed a passion for science, which encouraged him to design a now prize winning mixer machine, which was displayed at a science exhibition at his school. This program has not only provided him with access to tutors and academic material, but also life skills classes so he feels confident in group situations. “I never dreamed of this. The evening classes helped him to be responsible” said Ganapathi’s father.