Single women in Tamil Nadu, India are severely disadvantaged, and face isolation and discrimination.

Assisi Aid Projects supports the empowerment of these women, helping to alleviate their situation and create lasting change in their communities.

One way this happens is through the provision of enterprise opportunities. Establishing their own business enables the single women to not only earn an income, but also to help build confidence, encourage acceptance, and enables integration with community life.

Our partner in India, Integrated Development Trust, recently shared the stories of Thela* and Devi* (names changed), members of the Single Women’s Project.

Thela's grocery shop success

Thela has worked hard to save money to install a CCTV camera in her grocery shop. Image credit: IDT 2021.

Thela from Katiyambandal village has started a small grocery shop. She has worked hard running the business on her own after receiving a loan from the project, and now generates a profit each month. Through her hard work, she has been able to install a CCTV camera in the shop, helping to reduce theft and keep her community safe. Thela has expressed the joy she gains from both her business and participating in the project.

Devi fosters connection through flour

Devi produces flour for her local community from her flour mill after receiving a loan from our projects. Image credit: IDT 2021.

Devi from Nelvoy village has recently bought a flour mill machine for her home-based business, after receiving a loan through the project. She now produces flour and sells it to other single women and families throughout her community. Devi has expressed that she is happy with her work and enjoys engaging with the community when customers come by her home to purchase flour.


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