Mrs Sowpakiyam from Alappakkam Village in Tamil Nadu is a member of the parents’ group, and her two children are studying at our study centre. She and her husband are active members of our parents’ group, they both work as day labourers and were looking for ways they could increase their income.

Mrs Sowpakiyam's Business Success

Mrs Sowpakiyam and her husband have increased their job security and family income through our project. Image Credit: Integrated Development Trust, 2022

As labourers employed to do weeding on the farmland, work wasn’t always consistent and when they received work, they would earn up to 500 rupees a day (approx. $9 AUD). Working with insufficient equipment made it difficult for the two of them to work the long hours that were required from their labour-intensive jobs.

During a family visit, the community facilitators from our partner Integrated Devlopment Trust (IDT) had the opportunity to discuss the business loan options available to the family. Mrs Sowpakiyam and her husband applied for a loan from IDT to assist them in buying a new lawn mower, the couple paid for half while IDT loaned the other half.

In March 2022, they received INR 15000 (Approx. $271 AUD) from the project and bought a second-hand lawn mower for INR 30000 (Approx. $542 AUD). Mrs Sowpakiyam and her husband are now getting more consistent work, averaging 20-day jobs a month and earning between 700-800 INR each day (Approx. $13-15 AUD).

The couple support each other in their work and are very grateful for the support they received from IDT as part of the Children’s Project. They raise their children with equal responsibility and are thankful for their increased family income.

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