31 May 2021

IDT Project Manager Sathiyaseelan updated us this week. He advised that although the number of daily positive cases in the state have begun to decrease this week, the death toll remains consistently high. The extended lockdown remains in place and participants have shared that they only leave their homes for necessary reasons. IDT staff are continuing to stress the importance of safety measures and vaccinations, while raising awareness on available government relief assistance.

When Every Woman Thrives India Youth - Children’s project

Sathiyaseelan reported that women participating in the projects have struggled to support their families as they have lost their jobs in the extended lockdown. A student told Sathiyaseelan: “we have difficulties getting good healthy food because our parents are not going to any work”.

Community facilitators are in regular contact with children and parents over the phone. They provide essential psychosocial support to the families, and raise awareness on issues such as health care, child protection, the child helpline number (1098), and the importance of parents spending time with their children.

When Every Woman Thrives - Women’s project

Despite limited vaccine availability in the rural villages, 35 participants in the Trichy district were vaccinated this week, thanks to ongoing staff encouragement and support.  

The women participating in the project are continuing with scheduled activities that have been adapted to comply with COVID measures. Staff are supporting the women through this process, and some participants have been able to continue earning an income through their businesses, while others have produced fresh produce from their kitchen gardens.

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