November 2020

To complement the tuition classes the project runs 30 COVID Safe children’s clubs and Children’s Parliaments for children to develop children’s life skills, increase their understanding of COVID-19 safety, improve confidence, and increase engagement and interest in the education program. 

I belong to the tribal community. Our community has faced discrimination for many years, in these times of the corona, our living conditions were poor and we are gone unrecognized. For example, health workers did not come to our village and spray disinfectant regularly. Our villagers cannot afford masks, cleaners and sanitary napkins. The government has failed to consider the basic needs of people like us. Even some of the relief workers are reluctant to come to our village because they consider us as unhygienic. But I have improved my awareness and will share those messages with my villagers.” (Bhavani, 14 years, Kancheepuram)

Image credit: IDT 2020. Bhavani shares the COVID health messaging and information about tribal rights that she learns in the children’s clubs with her family.

Some of the activities held in larger groups have been temporarily suspended or reformatted into remote delivery to comply with COVID-19 restrictions. Bhavani, a children’s club and evening study centre participant from Ganapathipuram has maintained her motivation to study through phone call discussions and remote learning.