November 2019.

Thank you for your ongoing support of Assisi Aid Projects; we really couldn’t do what we do without supporters like you.

Please click here to download our Annual Report.

I was delighted to join the Assisi Aid Projects team this year as the Executive Officer at this exciting stage of the organisation’s development.  I’m motivated to join the team, as Assisi Aid Projects has a strong history of making tangible improvements to people’s lives. I come to Assisi Aid Projects from leadership roles with Save the Children, and Marie Stopes International.

I was struck by moving personal stories of the people we support when I visited our projects in India in October.  I met women like Tangamalar, who joined one of our single women’s groups after her husband died and received training in organic farming and business management, and a $207 loan to establish a tapioca farm.  A year later the farm is flourishing, she has repaid the loan, and is using the profit to educate her three children. 

I was also inspired to see the confidence and passion with which young people at tuition classes and in our Children’s Parliaments debated important issues.  It was fantastic to see girls and boys sharing and respecting each other’s viewpoints regarding children’s rights, the environment, social justice and issues specific to their communities.  Your support enables us to continue with our work in supporting the women and children of these communities. I hope you will enjoy reading more of these stories in our attached Annual Report.

Donations allows us to develop and grow our work in India and Cambodia improving the lives of thousands of people as we work with in-country implementing partners to improve gender equality, child safety and education opportunities through sustainable, community-based programs.  There are hundreds of women waiting for a loan to start their own life-changing endeavour, so we need your help more than ever.  Just $207 offers one woman a loan to start a business, or $41 a month provides a teacher for a village tuition centre.

If you would like an update on our progress, have questions, or would like me to come and speak about Assisi Aid Projects for your interest group, I am always delighted to discuss our work with supporters.  You can contact me via [email protected] or 03 9650 1291 (Monday, Tuesday or Thursday).

Thank you for your support,

Chloe Reynolds

Chief Executive Officer