International Widows' Day 23rd June 2022

"When my husband died 6 years ago I was worried about not knowing what to do with small children. But IDT started a group and gave me interest-free loans. I started a business and today I have given higher education to my kids with that income." - Mrs Muniyammal, participant of the Single Women's Project.

International Widows' Day is a chance to reflect on the unique challenges faced by widows around the world, as well as celebrate the positive impacts that our projects have on the lives of widows in the communities where we work. Widowed women in rural Indian villages often face stigmatisation and isolation, discrimination in access to inheritance and land rights, and extreme poverty. Many widows also face the challenge of continuing to raise children, while dealing with the loss of their partner and under significant financial pressure.

In partnership with Integrated Development Trust, Assisi Aid Projects implements the Single Women's Project to support more than 1900 single women in rural Indian villages in tackling these difficulties. 80% of participants in the single women's project are widows.

"I was in a situation where I was looking for money from mom or dad. But, that situation does not exist now. Instead, I am in a position to give money to others. I came to this point because of the IDT-Assisi program." - Mrs Divyalaxmi, a parent group member with two children, whose husband died four years ago.

Through the project, more than 100 Single Women’s Groups across Tamil Nadu meet monthly to learn income-generating skills, access interest free rolling loans to start small businesses, and receive education on legal rights and free legal aid. Widows are also supported to access widow's pensions. 

"Earlier, as a widow, I used to be afraid to go outside, but now I can go out and do my work." - Mrs Bakiyalxmi, a young widow with two sons and an active women's group member. 

To help us continue supporting widows, their children, and other marginalised women through our projects, please consider making a donation to Assisi Aid Projects here