A headshot of a woman with cropped white hair and pearl earrings looking at the camera. The very top of a collared shirt can be seen.

Judith is an independent consultant, who has extensive international development experience in the not-for-profit, public, private and tertiary education sectors. Judith previously worked for AusAID, and was a Team Leader for a major Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade initiative in Indonesia. Judith was the CEO of Nossal Institute Limited at the University of Melbourne. With a Bachelor of Development Studies and Sociology and a Master of Public Health and Tropical Medicine, Judith has expertise in international development and public health. Her multidisciplinary and cross-cultural proficiency has been developed through extensive field-based work and life experience in Asia, Africa, and the Pacific. Judith brings a deep commitment to international development and decades of practical experience to the Committee of Management in areas such as: organisational leadership; governance; risk management; strategic and business planning; business development; partnering; coaching; personnel management and capacity development of international teams; community empowerment; and participatory monitoring and evaluation.