Partners & Supporters


Integrated Development Trust (IDT) – Vadanallore, Kancheepuram District, Tamil Nadu

IDT is a non profit organization registered under Indian trust Act since 2002. IDT aims to improve social, environmental, health and economic opportunities for impoverished communities living in Tamil Nadu, through locally led, culturally sensitive and sustainable solutions.

Perambalur Social Service Society (PSSS) – Trichy district, Tamil Nadu

PSSS is a non profit organisation registered Society under Tamil Nadu Societies Registration Act 27 of 1975. PSSS works with poor communities, marginal and small-hold farmers, women, children and marginalised ethnic groups to build individual and collective empowerment through sustainable livelihoods, health and hygiene, relief and rehabilitation initiatives.

Live & Learn Environmental Education – Trapeang Roung and Phat Sanday communes, Cambodia

Live & Learn is an international, non-governmental organisation that works on environmental and human rights initiatives throughout South East Asia and the Pacific. In Cambodia, LEC is experienced in building the capacity of women, children and community-based organisations for improved livelihoods and community development.



Assisi’s work is made possible by our generous supporters, donors and volunteers.

Assisi would particularly like to recognise the following organisations that are providing grant support:

Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade