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Floating Education Center

Tuition classes, Tonle Sap Lake, Cambodia

In Tasom village, 90 children have never attended formal schooling as parents can’t afford the fuel for boat transportation. Prior to our project in 2012, none of these children could read or write.  Children say they come to class because they want to learn to read. Classes have been held twice per day at the back of a floating shop but will soon move to the Floating Education Center. In March 2016, the structure was complete and now we are seeking support to add a  library, solar panels and a toilet. This community learning center will be a place for tuition classes and savings groups to meet and grow. 

Creating a map for change

Supporting single women in India

Women’s groups in Tamil Nadu, create beautiful village maps to share knowledge and initiate community discussions on complex issues. Widows, divorcees and single women are frequently subjected to discrimination, impacting on their psychological state, dignity, self-esteem and physical health. Deprived of equal opportunities to participate in daily life, many face isolation and poverty. Our project has established 24 women’s support groups with ~ 800 members. The groups provide a safe environment for women to connect and build confidence. Read more about this project here.