Volunteering with Assisi Aid Projects

“I was inspired by Assisi Aid Projects as it aligns with my interests in women’s rights. The environment here is great as you are able to see the impact the work has on individual women and hear their stories.”

Assisi Aid Projects is fortunate to receive support and time from volunteers offering a range of skills and experience.  Volunteers complete a range of work assignments such a program support, research, fundraising, communications, social media, and general administration.  

Volunteers gain valuable and practical work experience and exposure to our organisation, the field of international development, and gender equality programming.  As a small organisation we can only take a limited number of volunteers, and usually ask for a six month commitment of at least one day per week (sometimes shorter more targeted roles may be available).  Past volunteers have gone on to gain employment with other NGOs or the public sector, or applied their volunteer hours to complement academic study and gain practical experience.

Current volunteer opportunities

We do not have any volunteer vacancies at this time, however we are keen to hear from individuals who are interested in becoming Assisi Aid Projects ambassadors and fundraisers in their local communities.

To register your interest in fundraising for us please email: [email protected]