Where we work


In Cambodia, Assisi continues to work with its partner Live & Learn Environmental Education Cambodia to establish and maintain Self-Help Groups to support the establishment of micro-enterprises to improve livelihoods. These community-driven and managed groups encourage continued and sustained collective savings and improved access to financial services, leading to improved livelihoods. These initiatives include training in agricultural techniques, financial literacy, eco-tourism support and WASH (water sanitation and hygiene) education in the target communities.

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In India, Assisi continues to work within the most disadvantaged communities to improve basic education, health and create livelihood opportunities and access to income. Assisi partners with local community-based organisations to provide locally relevant programs through the establishment of Self Help Groups.

Our Children’s project in Kanchipuram District, has established a network of 35 tuition groups for 940 disadvantaged children. The groups serve as a vehicle to offer additional educational support including studies in financial literacy, health, the environment, careers counselling child rights and life-skills. Parents are also involved in the project with home visits by project animators to promote child education.

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We also work in four districts of Tamil Nadu, supporting women’s development through the set up of Women’s Support Groups. The Women’s Groups aim to improve social and economic empowerment for 1356 single women-headed families in 41 rural villages.

The project is an integrated income, health, education and life skills program, whereby Groups meet monthly and women participate in a structured program to build confidence, self-esteem, raise awareness of women’s rights and provide long-term skill development through livelihood and financial training and access to loans.

The program includes practical skill training in tailoring, farming and food processing to provide women with skills to generate an income, as well as psychosocial support to encourage their participation in community life.

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