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Story of change

MS Vichani Morm, studies grade 6 and lives in Trapeang Roung village, Koh Kong Province, Cambodia. She is a new member of our tuition classes and tells her story of change.

“I joined the Children’s tuition class in November, 2015. Before joining the class, I got lowest monthly grades at state school. Out of 15 students I was the lowest one. This result made me feel disappointed and unhappy. Sometimes, I wanted to drop out school because I felt embarrassed, especially with my friend, my neighbor and even the teacher. Since being a member of tuition classes, I have changed my life. Since January 2016, I am now one of the outstanding students in my class at state school. I have good marks, and am ranked 5 of 20 students. I feel so happy, and my grandparents and parents also congratulate to me and they were very happy when they saw my good result. It brings encouragement and full of hope to me, which I sometimes, feel is an unbelievable thing happening to me. I think without tuition class, I cannot receive this result either.

This result made me strongly change, especially when my friends still have poor understanding of maths or Khmer literacy, they asked me for explanation, and I am also able to do a pretty good job in explanation to them. Lastly I receive the word “Thank You” and a smile from them.

I think that no one believes me since I can change my monthly study rate from 15th to 5th within a quarter, even myself. I have never thought that I can do it, but it happens to me now. It is unbelievable for my life. I would recommend to all of my friends that they should try to study hard and don’t be afraid to joining in children clubs to share ideas and learn special subjects which are beyond to state school has. And it makes CHANGE, really!”

Translated from Khmer, by Live & Learn Cambodia.