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Floods in Tamil Nadu

The rains began on November 8th as a result of a tropical depression – and has continued, only with short breaks. On November 20th, our in country staff, conducted an assessment of damage in Kancheepuram District, and the 20 villages where we currently have children’s tuition classes.  The assessment report identified 200 families as badly impacted, with damage to infrastructure, housing, insufficient food and drinking water.

In response to this assessment report, last week Assisi sent $10,000 AUD to our team in Uthiramerur for emergency response. Funds were used to distribute food parcels to 200 families in 8 rural villages and 3 tribal villages in the most affected areas. The parcels were distributed during a break in the rains from November 28-29. Each food pack contained: 50kg rice, oil, dhal, herbs, soap, spices and lentils.

Our staff have reported that further rain is forecast for the next 3 days – up to Sunday 6th. Therefore further financial help is urgently required, especially to repair housing, and provide basic shelter, sanitation facilities, dry sleeping materials, as well as cooking utensils and education supplies which have been either washed away or damaged.

We have a team of 9 staff in Uthiramerur and tutors in each village (20) who are ‘on the ground’ and able to facilitate emergency relief work.
Therefore, Assisi is seeking donations, so we can provide further support with housing, bedding, and more food supplies.

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