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Assisi’s Strategy 2020

In 2017, Assisi has a refreshed Committee of Management (CoM), having recruited several new members from a diverse range of professions. This has provided an opportunity to reflect and build on Assisi’s successes and lessons learnt from the past 40 years, leading to a new, refined, sectorial and geographical focus.

Through reflection on our past strengths, weaknesses and the opportunities moving forward, we have identified our work empowering women through the establishment of Self Help Groups, has had the greatest capacity to create positive change.

With this in mind, we have taken a strategic shift to focus on programs that promote gender equality and use a Self Help Group (SHG) approach.

The SHG approach contributes to breaking down gender barriers by actively engaging and building the capacity of both women and men to act as change agents / champions in their own families and communities.

The Assisi 2017-2020 Strategy aims to strengthen the capacity of women’s to establish, operate and manage their own development initiatives. The Strategy targets the root causes of gender inequity – embedded in the systems and structures of power and politics – through a focus on fostering equal gender relations and by working with women and men, girls and boys.

The Strategic Plan articulates our organisation and program goals and sets corresponding targets from which to track and measure our success.

BOX: Assisi’s mission is to support women as agents for economic and social resilience in their communities through strengthening women’s skills, knowledge and confidence; supporting women’s collectives; and addressing systemic barriers to gender equality.

Assisi recognises the interrelated dimensions of gender inequity and seeks to challenge these through four spheres of influence:

  1. Tradition, culture and gender norms.
  2. Policy and governance
  3. Access to markets and income
  4. Personal voice and agency

Our Geographical Scope

Assisi will continue to work through local partners in India and Cambodia. During this strategic period, Assisi aims to strengthen and expand our programs in India and Cambodia and will explore opportunities to expand our geographical reach.

You can download the full Strategy at: